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Do’s and Don’ts of Website design

1. Website Layout

Don’t try to redesign the system.

Do stick to the User Experience standards to make sure for a user-friendly experience encounter.

2. Background

Don’t select an unbalanced or distracting background.

Do select an inspiring background to ensure an optimized experience for visitors.


3. Mobile Design

Don’t fail to remember the website must look just as appealing on mobiles as well.

Do configure text, images, and other visuals to mobile friendly viewing experience.

4. Distribution of Space

Don’t overcrowd the screen.

Do consider content placement and usage of white space to let the website design flow.

5. Color Palette

Don’t choose colors based on their good looks alone.

Do choose thoughtful color combinations that complement your brands colors.

6. Image Quality

Don’t settle for basic low-quality images.

Do use high quality images that enhance your site.

7. Written Content

Don’t let your flow of thoughts take control.

Do plan the content in a targeted, centralized, and revised fashion.

8. Fonts

Don’t be inclined to think they indistinguishable.

Do use fonts compatible with your branding.

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