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LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has grown dramatically as a platform over the years. LinkedIn events are gaining popularity due to its effectiveness to organize, host, and promote digital events which are engaging and interesting for your followers. They can range in size from small to large and can be used to share your expertise, manage your brands reputation along with creating awareness.

Below are tips on how to promote your event on LinkedIn. 1. Determining what type of event you would like to organize.

Summits and conferences are best to share your knowledge and expertise with a greater audience and expand your network and business.

Networking events are buzzing in the world of LinkedIn, they are great to host engaging discussions and grow your professional network. Engagement can be produced in several ways such as presentations, question and answer sessions, webinars, panel discussions etc.

Product launches are used to create hype, awareness and to promote your product to potential customers. Although product launches are a lot of work and effort it pays off well in the end.

Workshops can be used to educate people about your field of work or industry and to teach new skills. They can be simple or intricate, all depending on your goal for the event.

2. Structure your event, this is done using admin tools on your business page and add in necessary information such as details of the event which includes the person hosting’s information, time the event is to be held, description of the event, and confirmation list of any speakers. Additionally, the privacy of the event can be selected weather it is a private or public event. For a digital event, a broadcast or registration link is to be provided.

3. Send out invitations to your audience in a few ways; using promotional content to produce excitement, LinkedIn hashtags, sharing the event in a post, message, and other social media platforms, inviting your connections, and using filters such as location, industry, schools etc.

4. Promote using LinkedIn ads which are widely used and remarkably effective. Setting up the ad using LinkedIn tools to reach out to an even larger audience to maximize the success of your event based on your objectives. LinkedIn campaign manager is an excellent and overall amazing feature to utilize for these ads.

5. Measuring the performance of your event is crucial, this could be done using KPI’s and analytics which provide useful information that includes attendance, engagement and click away rates. This information could be utilized for future events as well.

A common marketing strategy for businesses is to promote their products and services on LinkedIn. Jaroudi Media is a marketing agency that can help your business promote its products and services by helping you manage LinkedIn profile, engaging with the followers, crafting the content that will attract more followers, and developing a targeted marketing campaign.

Our team at Jaroudi Media can help your business grow its professional network by posting content that will attract followers. We will also create a highly targeted advertising campaign to reach potential clients. The best part about working with an agency is that they have all of the skillsets needed to provide a wide range of services for a reasonable price.

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