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Steps of App Development

1- Generate a clear approach for your app

The earliest step of the development of an app is determining the general concept and aim of your app. Exploring how the app would help you achieve these goals gives insight into the design aspect and functionalities.

2- Develop a strategy to monetize the app

One might push this towards the end but it is essential to come up with ways to monetize the app pretty early on. This will affect the UI design and some examples of how to monetize your app are as follows;

In-app purchases


Paid App

Advertising for third party apps through the app

3- Differentiate between essential and extra features

A major mistake made by many companies is trying to pack too many unnecessary features into their mobile apps, especially in the first version. An alternative would be to minimize the features especially knowing user feedback would provide answers to what other features your customers actually want.

4- Layout the wireframe and user experience

After polishing the goals and objectives of the app, the user experience designer teams up with the digital strategist and information Architect to complete the desired operations.

5- Construct the UI (User Interface)

The next step involves, an app designer producing the user interface using graphics, colors and designs. These include mockups which helps the visual and design aspect of a product. Tools such as Adobe XD, MediaModifier and Custom Scene can be utilized.

6- Progress in a trial setting

Once the app has been designed the process of coding begins and it is recommended this is to be done in a trial setting so errors and glitches are sorted right away.

7- Inspect all elements and functions several times

An app needs to be put through multiple tests with the help of a quality assurance expert to correct any issues or bugs before the app is actually launched and making sure each element works how it is intended to work.

8- Launch your app on appropriate platforms (IOS, Android)

After the first version is completed, an app development agency will analyze all options and launch the app on the suitable platforms so they are ready to be downloaded and used by the customers.

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